Dhalmart is a grocery delivery service that allows you to order fresh South Asian grocery products straight to your door without the hassle of visiting multiple stores. Dhalmart sources products and recipes from local South Asian businesses, organic farms, and passionate chefs. We are dedicated to offering quality, fresh Desi food for our families and we know you are too! 

We find comfort in the products and foods we grew up with. We’ve sourced a robust collection of products at our store that has all the South Asian goods you’re looking for. 

We are always open to expanding our product offerings–if you’re a customer looking for a product you can’t find here or a South Asian business with a product you’d like to see at Dhalmart, let us know [here] and we’ll work with you to add it to our virtual shelves!

At Dhalmart, Buying is Giving. 

A major portion of Dhalmart’s profits goes towards charitable organizations. That is goodness for you and goodness for the community around us.